Smart ways to control and manage data

A white-label solution in IO Frog for you and your clients

How a white-label solution can add value to your business. Quick and effective set-up, real-life customer stories. Learn all the possibilities of customized branding with IO Frog, branded mobile apps, and more. 


Geolocation services of IO Frog platform

IO Frog has a great variety of functionality, geolocation services are one of the best bits. In this webinar, David Zencak will explain how the platform operates with geolocation services, how to set up the location sources in settings, demonstrate tracking dashboards and other useful features. 

IO Frog - probably the best IoT platform for Sigfox

Key takeaways: How every Sigfox operator or Enterprise customer can get a white label version. Updates in the registration process.

Full Sigfox API2 support. Full Monarch support. Public sharing of maps. Native Google Android and Apple IoS applications.

What are you missing?


Why API 6 is revolutionary?

What can be achieved using just 12 Bytes in uplink and 8 Bytes in downlink? Why are there 60 different modes (business cases) programmed in SimplePack? How to choose the proper one?

IO Frog - not another sigfox platform

Why most IoT platforms are doomed and what is so special about IOFrog? Practical demos from practical uses cases.


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