Our aim is to have pricing that is

  • Open
  • Simple

  • Straightforward

  • Fair

1. Price importance

We all know, but still need to stress it out, that connectivity, devices and software form only a minor part of any digitization project. Device management, project management, ERP integration, installation, lifecycle management, training form a majority of costs.
By providing project training, long battery life of the devices, easy installation, factory preconfiguration, single API we drive down substantially the deployment costs.
Hardware price should never be a blocking factor in your Total cost of ownership and Return on Investment calculations. Please contact sales if it would be an issue.

2. Volume tiers

Most of our customer projects are between 1 000 and 50 000 units.
We publish prices so you can do rough TCO calculations.
But please be aware that we publish only prices for the 1-99 quantity.
Qualified partners can get volume discounts up to 50 percent.
Please contact sales for details.

3. Sell to end-user/consumer

Most of the products are readily available, but some are intended only for budgeted projects.
We generally don't sell to end users/consumers, as some products require a bit of integration.

4. Services

We offer

  • Project consulting
  • Extended support
  • Firmware/software/hardware modifications
  • Customs colours and branding
  • Factory preconfiguration

    Please see the price list and consult sales.

5. Warranty prices

All devices come with one year warranty. Additional years can be purchased at 7% per additional year.

6. Support

Basic support is free of charge.
We highly recommend at least one hour of the Extended support speeding up your onboarding process.

7. Delivery - lead times

In stock:
There are hundreds of units in stock for many devices and we ship within 48 hours

To order:
typical lead times,please consult sales, as parts availability and stock fluctuate on daily basis and delivery cannot be guaranteed until sales order is made

Up to 10 units





2 weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks

8 weeks

Custom products prolong lead time in general by 1 week due to the additional testing.
Production capacity is over 3000 units/ week in one shift. What takes time is testing, processing, part availability and planning the production into the pipeline. We strive to be as fast as possible.
Express delivery prioritizing order processing is offered at additional fee. Please contact sales.
Lead times commence once a confirmed order/payment is received.

8. Payment terms

Payment is due at time of the order.
For volumes above 1000 units alternative payment terms can be arranged.

Payment options:
Please see the overview.

Please contact us for any pricing inquiry