Our aim is to: 

  • Have all devices ready for deployment

  • Satisfy your branding needs
  • Understand your requirements for device behavior and modify it accordingly
  • Any customization is a strictly controlled and managed process to ensure stability and repeatabilty

We are not a design house.
All our customizations are based on one platform and one firmware.

Customization - labels, branding, colours

Label customization
Both laser and plastic labels can be customized

We use UV print for all the device branding

Case colour
Any colour is available for all the devices

Customization of packaging

All devices are shipped in bulk

Customization of bulk packaging
Price is individual, project based

Production of individual packaging
Price is individual, project based

Customization - preconfiguration

Any API6/7 settings can be preloaded into the newly manufactured devices, so they don't need to be configured via downlink and are field deployment ready. The price consists from project and per unit/device fee.

Volume discounts (over 1000 devices) on the per device price is offered based on volume.

For pricing please consult Customization services and/or our sales consultants.

Please contact us for more details.