General Terms & Conditions 

                      Company : Simple Hardware s.r.o.

                      Registered office : Nad Spadem 12, Prague 4, 140 00, Czech Republic

                      VAT ID : CZ05219183

                      Website :

                      Online store :

                      1. Application of terms & conditions

                      These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are applicable to all sales concluded between Simple Hardware and customers.. You agree that the information requested for the conclusion of the contract or the information sent during its execution will be sent by email. These General Terms and Conditions are available on and they can be modified at any time and without notice by Simple Hardware, the modifications then being applicable to all subsequent orders.  

                      2. Product information and orders

                      The essential characteristics of the product are indicated in the Product’s Page and in the datasheets and documentation of each device. Simple Hardware can update, improve the pages and withdraw from the sale of those products. You are informed about the availability of the product directly on the site. If the device is not available after your order, Simple Hardware will notify you immediately and offer a solution.  

                      Delivery restrictions may be indicated on the product’s page. It is your responsibility to retrieve from the local authority in your country any limitations on the importation, import taxes, and fees or any limitations on the use of the products or services you are considering ordering.

                      If you are unable to place the order on our site, please contact us via the contact form or by email.  

                      The order placed on our site is automatically canceled if the payment is not received within 7 days.

                      3. Prices

                      The prices of products shown on the website are indicated in euros, excluding delivery costs and shipping insurance. The amount of the delivery costs is calculated automatically according to each order. It appears on the summary of your order, before final validation. For deliveries outside the Czech Republic, the provisions of the General Tax Code relating to VAT are applicable. Any order delivered outside the Czech Republic may be subject to any local taxes, customs duties, dock dues, and customs clearance fees at the time of delivery. Their acquittal is the responsibility of the client. Please contact the competent authorities of the country of delivery. 

                      4. Payment

                      We offer the following payment methods for your orders:  

                      • Credit card - By choosing the CREDIT CARD option to set the payment, you will be redirected to the secure payment portal to finalize it. Your card is processed directly by the bank with the highest level of security.

                      • Bank transfer - By choosing to pay by BANK TRANSFER, your order will be shipped as soon as we receive your payment

                      For details please see Payment options

                      5. Delivery

                      All the goods' prices are quoted Ex Works (EXW - Incoterms 2020). In case a customer orders transportation with Simple Hardware it is shipped CPT (Incoterms 2020) with no insurance. In case a customer requires insurance a special quote from the sales department is needed and terms are CIF (Incoterms 2020). Insurance costs generally around 1% of the cost of goods.

                      In case customer outside of EU zone arranges own transportation, we need to charge VAT, that the customer can claim on the export from EU.

                      We offer the following delivery methods for your orders:

                      • Fedex (or similar service) – 2-5 days delivery time for stock devices

                      • Own pick-up (personal or by own courier service)

                      In the absence of any indication, Simple Hardware shall deliver the ordered goods without undue delay after the conclusion of the contract if not agreed otherwise due to the current unavailability of the product.

                      Any risk of loss or damage of the goods is transferred to the buyer at the moment when the buyer or a third party designated by him take physical possession of these goods. You must refuse delivery if the merchandise is damaged, missing or if the package has been opened or repackaged (except for customs clearance). In order to assist you in this process, we invite you to contact us via the CONTACT page.

                      6. Contact and after-sales service

                      For any request for after-sales support, we invite you to contact our services by going to the CONTACT page of the site.

                      7. Support service

                      If you require any support with device settings and integration please direct all inquiries to or send an email to [email protected]. We can provide extended support services and consultation at a 100 EUR per service hour.

                      8. Retraction

                      The consumer buyer has a 14-day withdrawal period from the day on which the purchaser, or a third party other than the carrier and designated by him, physically takes possession of the property. Regarding orders for several items delivered separately, the withdrawal period begins on the day on which the buyer or a third party other than the carrier and designated by him takes physical possession of the last property. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the buyer must notify Simple Hardware of its decision to retract by a declaration without ambiguity. The buyer contacts customer support through the CONTACT page. From the date of the notification of his withdrawal, the buyer has a period of 14 days to return, at his expense, the goods to the address that was indicated to him at the time of the delivery of his return number produced. Buyer’s liability may be incurred in the event of depreciation of property resulting from manipulations other than those necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and proper functioning of the goods. In the event of a withdrawal from the buyer, Simple Hardware will reimburse the purchaser all payments received from him, including delivery costs, except for the additional costs arising from the buyer choosing, if applicable, a delivery mode other than the least costly delivery method proposed by Simple Hardware when ordering. Simple Hardware shall reimburse within 14 days of the notification of the withdrawal using the same means of payment as used for the initial transaction unless expressly agreed by the purchaser for the use of a different means.

                      All products on the site are subject to the right of withdrawal. However, the right of withdrawal may not be exercised in respect of: the supply of goods made according to consumer specifications or personalized, purchases made by professionals (B2B).

                      Professionals (B2B) do not have the right of withdrawal.

                      9. RMA – Warranty, Returns, Exchanges and Repairs

                      All returns must be pre-approved by Simple Hardware and follow this process 

                      Simple Hardware will respond with an RMA number and a list of units authorized for return, and return shipping instructions.

                      • Returns must be well and securely packed.

                      • All returns must be accompanied by the RMA number.

                      • Goods without RMA number will not be accepted.

                      Warranty repairs

                      The products are warranted by Simple Hardware against any defects in material or workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery, except for special conditions expressly stated. Simple Hardware does not guarantee external damage, damage resulting from improper use of the products, damage resulting from the intervention not approved by Simple Hardware.

                      By accepting our RMA approval and returning your Goods for Warranty repair, you, the customer, acknowledge that the following conditions will result in additional charges and the Warranty shall not be valid if, during the receiving, analysis, or repair of your units, it is determined that:

                      • Customer damage or misuse, either through handling, hookup, mechanical damage, ESD/EOS, or otherwise was the reason for failure;

                      • ESD/EOS or customer processing corrupted the Goods;

                      • Rework of the Goods performed by the customer resulted in the need for return and repair;

                      • Any defect arose as a result of fair wear and tear;

                      • There is no fault found with the Goods.

                      Simple Hardware cannot be held responsible for the guarantee of breakdowns or damages resulting directly or indirectly from the following cases: Storage without protection or prolonged; Negligence, incorrect connection or handling, maintenance and use of equipment not in conformity with the technical specifications of the seller or the manufacturer or, more generally, a defective or awkward use; Addition of additional equipment or accessories to the equipment or use of any parts necessary for the operation of the equipment not complying with the technical specifications of the vendor or manufacturer; Mechanical, electronic, electrical or other modification or transformation made to the equipment or its connecting devices by any third party.

                      If the goods cannot be replaced by an identical one, the customer will be offered equivalent or superior equipment, or money return.

                      In the event that our inspection of the Goods reveals that the Warranty does not apply, you will pay for the time involved in such inspection at the rates below for Non-Warranty Repairs. You understand that we cannot know, or estimate for you, beforehand how long any inspection will take.

                      Non-Warranty Repairs

                      Non-Warranty repairs require a purchase order for analysis and repair. If major components need to be replaced at additional cost, we will contact you prior to the repair. Non-Warranty repair charges are calculated upon device analysis.

                      Our service charge is 100 EUR per hour, plus the cost of materials used.


                      All payments and charges under these RMA Terms are to be made to Simple ‘s bank or paypal account prior to the return of the goods.

                      Shipping to Simple Hardware

                      Delivery to Simple Hardware is always made at the customer’s expense and risk.

                      Restocking policy
                      Customer agrees to a 15% restocking / handling fee (minimum amount of 50 EUR) for the return or exchange of any devices upon the customer's request and without any defects on the returned goods.

                      Return Shipping to Customer

                      Delivery of Warranty repairs will be made at Simple Hardware’s expense.

                      Delivery charges for Non-Warranty repairs or exchanges will be calculated.

                      Further Questions

                      For further information, please create a ticket at our Support Center and Submit a Request.

                      10. Reservation of property

                      The goods delivered to you and invoiced will remain the property of Simple Hardware until full payment of their price. Failure to pay in full the sum may lead to the claim of the goods by Simple Hardware, the return being immediate and the goods delivered at your expense and risks. During the period from the delivery to the transfer of ownership, the risk of loss, theft or destruction, as well as any damage you may incur, shall remain your responsibility.)

                      11. Privacy policy

                      Simple Hardware collects information about you when you create your order on or by email. This information enables us to carry out operations related to order processing, customer management, and warranty application. The data will not be stored for longer than 5 years in the Simple Hardware database.

                      If you agree to receive information and promotional offers from Simple Hardware, your data may be occasionally used for this matter by Simple Hardware. You can also unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by following the instructions in the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each mailing received.

                      In accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, you have the right to access, correct, erase or restrict any of your data collected and stored by us. These rights can be exercised by contacting Simple Hardware directly via the Contact form at

                      12. Miscellaneous

                      The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply.

                      Any disputes arising between Simple Hardware and the Customer may be settled out of court through the Alternative Dispute Resolution or Online Dispute Resolution (ADR/ODR) procedure; with the Purchaser’s option to contact the ODR entity. More information about alternative dispute resolution can be found here. Simple Hardware, however, recommends the Purchaser to first contact Simple Hardware to address the situation.

                      The agreement is entered into in the English language. If the agreement is required to be translated for the Customer into another language, the English version prevails in case of discrepancies between the two language versions.

                      These General Terms and Conditions and parts hereto come into force and effect on 1 April 2020, repealing the previous versions.