Sigfox devices for your IoT project

    01. Professional

    The smallest but most reliable Sigfox devices supporting over 50 different use cases across all the verticals.

    • Incredible price/performance ratio

    • 10 years long battery life

    SimplePack device

    SimplePack & SimplePack Plus

    Multisensor devices with highly customizable firmware to meet your IoT project needs. 30 000 Sigfox messages.

    Accelerometer, Button, WiFi, Precise Temperature, Reed Switch, Magnetometer, Buzzer, Light Sensor.

    SimpleLeak device


    Universal water leak and high / low-temperature detector for your insurance or facility management use cases.

    30 000 Sigfox messages.

    SimpleMeter device


    Nicely designed indoor temperature and humidity sensor with flexible usage.

    100 000 Sigfox messages.

      02. Industry

      Unique heavy-duty devices for use cases where you need durable sensors.

      • Strong polycarbonate casing

      • 4 fixture possibilities

      • High operating temperature range

      • All the SimplePack Plus modes and sensors supported

      SimpleIndustry device


      Heavy-duty devices to serve logistics and cold-chain monitoring use cases.

      Different sensor variations: Accelerometer, WiFi Tracker, External Temperature (on case or on cable probes).

      SimpleIndustry Hot device

      SimpleIndustry Hot

      Industrial device withstanding extreme temperatures up to  105°C.

      70 000 Sigfox messages.


      The smallest and most versatile hardware platform to embed into your existing solutions leveraging existing functionality and supporting the highly customizable API 6 firmware.

      Possibility to connect up to 2 external switches or analog sources (e.g. temperature).

      Looking for a device to embed into your existing product?

      Contact us with your enquiry and device requirements or follow our SimpleHW Guru to guide you through. 

      sigfox sensor device


      SimplePack Devkit version with a one-year full Sigfox connectivity subscription is an ideal tool to be used for hackathons, development and testing purposes. Currently available only in RC1.

      Get a Devkit add-on (the option is available in the cart) to your SimplePack device or buy a SimpleBox demonstration set.

      SimpleBox includes 6 units of SimplePack 2.0, each presenting 1 mode of the device - Guard, Press, Track, Trace, Turn over, Monitor.

      Collection of SimplePack devices

      CheckFox - Sigfox network tester

      CheckFox is a useful device for both integrators and Sigfox Operators to check and evaluate Sigfox network coverage in the place of the device deployment.

      A website dashboard is available to visualize the collected measurement data.

      CheckFox device

      To install this Web App in your iPhone/iPad press and then Add to Home Screen.