100s Use cases

“BridgIoT maintains that the look and feel of the SimpleHW products are great, the SimpleLeak device lifetime, of 10 years, is another key parameter providing long-term peace of mind and little maintenance needed. Therefore, BridgIoT believes that the SimpleLeak hardware is of a very high standard.” 

– says Arno Scholtz, CEO at BridgIoT

Tracking & Asset management

The goal is to track assets, packages, goods, edibles, food items with assured freshness and palatability as well as e.g. organ and blood transports. For many businesses, cold chain monitoring is an extremely demanding solution for their logistics too.

  • Cage Trolleys
  • WiFi Zone Guard
  • Temperature Alerts
SimplePack tracking device
smart coffee machine


In the retail and hospitality industries, keeping guests satisfied and customers engaged is your number one priority. Now, the Internet of Things is here to help.

Insurance & Security

Guard, secure, and monitor your assets. 

water leakage detector
Office chair monitoring with SimplePack device

Facility Management

There are 400 000 000 office chairs in the world. And, of course, every manager loves to see its utilization. Thereafter, office chair monitoring is a great solution for you. Plus you can get real-life savings from energy management and hot desking. 

Industry 4.0 & Public Sector

By providing an IoT solution to the cities and local governments we help to improve managing their resources. 

  • Inclination of poles
  • Electrical cabinets
  • Light Monitoring
  • Construction Machines Utilisation
  • Ski Tracking
  • Concrete Maturing
  • Lever/ Valve position
  • Reel/ Rotation Count
ski equipment tracking with iot
panic button device


Providing a healthcare sector with a mobile emergency button solution to help to monitor the needs of elderly people and the once in special conditions.