Vertical use cases

Legionella monitoring Solution

Legionella is a bacteria found in natural and artificial water systems that can lead to a serious disease called legionellosis. In this webinar, we will explain to you how to monitor water temperature with a SimplePack device and prevent legionella.


Cold Chain Monitoring With Simplepack 4.0, Simpleindustry And IO Frog Platform

For many businesses, cold chain monitoring is an extremely demanding solution for their logistics. The goal is to track perishable products, edibles, and food items with assured freshness and palatability as well as e.g. organ and blood transports. The temperature sensor plays a major part in delivering this solution to the market. In this webinar, we showcase the solution using Simple Hardware devices and IO Frog platform.

Can you really replace GPS by better wiFi or atlas localization?

Key takeaways: How can you improve your logistics processes using SimpleHW devices?

What are the differences, benefits, and disadvantages of these localization services?

Sigfox Atlas, Sigfox Atlas WiFi, Default WiFi, Precision WiFi

And their comparison to GPS.


Is your cheese at the correct temperature?

Is your cheese at the correct temperature? Advantages of Sigfox based cold chain monitoring. Can you do hot monitoring as well?

Overview of Simple HW devices, device positioning, business logic. Description of modes.

Why IoT is so important for insurance companies?

In this webinar, we showcase all the key benefits of IoT for insurance companies, present SWOT analysis and provide real-life use cases.


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