Meet MerciYanis - Facility management heroes and heroines
11 February, 2020 by
Meet MerciYanis - Facility management heroes and heroines
Natalia Vavilina


We keep repeating that IoT is not about gadgetry and devices, it is about digitalization within companies, about changing the processes for the better. In this blog post, we will introduce you to a case study, which does a great job of improving the perspective of the facility management vertical with the Sigfox-based SimplePack device. 

MerciYanis is a French startup that was founded in 2019 and now is successfully running in Labège. The company provides control over business-owned facilities with the help of IoT Sigfox devices. We’ve interviewed Jordan Gayraud, co-founder of MerciYanis, who shared his insights on the industry, problems their customers deal with and the solution they offer with the SimplePack. 

“It’s not easy to raise an incident complaint directly. If something happens, the employees should call the director or supervisor, then it goes to the facility management company. The communication is very complicated for solving simple problems.”- says Jordan

Simple Hardware has been working with MerciYanis since the summer of 2018. The SimpleHW devices fit many different use cases, but a simple button solves the issue just fine. Whenever an incident happens, an employee can press the button and the request will go directly to the facility manager. The question is whether it’s really that simple in reality.  

Solution with SimplePack

A single button wasn’t deemed practical for the different instances that could occur, because when pressed the facility manager could not determine if the problem was a lack of toilet paper in the washroom, flooding or any other issue. 

Today MerciYanis uses 100% customized PVC support for their clients with the SimplePack integrated inside. It is a panel with multiple buttons defined for each specific problem that may occur in a particular place. Therefore, the facility manager has a real-time overview of the building and can focus on what’s important and how to solve it. 

MerciYanis products

Jordan also shared one of his favorite use cases with us – printer monitoring at the local university. The SimplePack was placed near the library printer, so every time there was a problem with the printer, students or teachers would press a button and the request was forwarded to the facility manager right away. After a while, MerciYanis visited the university for feedback and all the students were happy because it was very important to have a working printer in the library before their exams. Plus, all the problems were solved much faster than before.

Among other use cases, the service can also help you solve light, door or washroom problems and many more. The SimpleLeak device is also provided by MerciYanis as a tool to simplify facility management processes. According to the client’s request, the SimpleLeak devices were placed on every floor of a residential building in order to monitor if there were any leaks or flooding. 

The facility management vertical offers you a lot of various solutions and scenarios. With this case study, we wanted to show you some possible ways of making them real.

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