The very unique solution for manufactories with Declique
24 June, 2020 by
The very unique solution for manufactories with Declique
Natalia Vavilina


How many doors have you opened this month? How many pens do you have in your office, at home? Hard to tell the exact number? Imagine, the very same situation is happening in a manufacturing facility with 100+ important items every day. 

Managers of such facilities often notice that if factory equipment is lost it can cause delays, production inconsistencies, and ultimately, serious financial loss. Therefore, workers need to report every missing item to the manager by filling out several forms, which is inconvenient and time consuming for both sides.

That’s the problem that Declique, a startup from France, is covering with its unique solutions using SimplePack 4.0 Plus button devices. In this article, we will tell you all we know about it.

Declique first appeared as an IoT Valley-born project in 2018 and was officially established in February 2020. It focuses on manufacturing facility use cases with button devices and its in-house developed software platform. Currently, the solution is commercially available. Let’s jump to the practical details.

If you ask any worker in a factory, there are many things that he/she won’t be aware of. The best thing for keeping track of all the items, events and processes is to report them quickly and easily. Here the power of IoT comes and shows us the way around the problem. By installing the devices to the critical areas, the employees can report item loss with a simple press of a button.  At the moment Declique provides its solution to 10 factories in France and there are 10 more on the roadmap for this year. 


What's so unique about the hardware device

  • SimplePack 4.0 Plus Button, with 30 000 messages

  • 10 years of battery life

  • Sigfox network (no infrastructure needed)

  • Device installation within a few seconds

  • Small form-factor: 81 x 29,5 x 12 mm

One of the best aspects of the solution is a quick installation process. First, they have to understand the worker’s needs and critical areas where to place the devices. Second, the installation process, which usually takes just a couple of days. Then, managers get access to the software platform, where they can access data and here is where the real analytical fun begins. 

What's so unique about the Software platform

The software part of the solution was developed by the company with the help of licensed source code from IoT Valley. The platform is extremely functional and is capable of generating very useful analytical data and reports.

According to the customer’s wishes, Declique configures the data so the final reports calculate the efficiency rate enabling the manager to see the general tendencies and analytics. 

  • Other benefits include

  • Unlimited number of users

  • Unique and secure hosting by the client

  • Accessible from computer or smartphone

‘The workers really enjoy the solution because they don’t need to fill out any forms or complete any paperwork. Managers love it because they can control processes easier. They have a dashboard where they can see the weekly/ monthly analytics, how many presses were done etc.’ - says Arnaud Huvelin, CEO & Founder at Declique

Declique wants to stay focused on the button sensor and provide the manufacturing facility market with the best solution possible. 

The entire system is easy to use for both managers and employees; by providing meaningful data and analytics and simplifying the task of reporting missing items, it streamlines the production process. 

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