In education/ training we trust | SimpleHW Newsletter No 5.
27 June, 2019 by
In education/ training we trust | SimpleHW Newsletter No 5.
Natalia Vavilina

Dear SimpleHW users, Sigfox enthusiasts,

    You have not heard from us for a long time. But we have not been idle.
    It has been a crazy time, but it is better than being bored.

    • We would like to announce that we successfully achieved the Sigfox Ready certification for SimplePack 3.0 Plus RC1 and RC3 at Class 0 as well as the IP68 rating.

    • We happily concluded the second round of financing of 500 000 Euros raised in a crowdfunding campaign. Currently, we are working on a Round A even though we should break even by the end of this year. If you are interested in becoming an investor let us know.

    • We enlarged the team in sales, marketing, support, production, and testing.

    • We delivered several thousands of devices to over 600 customers.

    • We battled hard to polish and expand firmware on API6 and we are proud that we are the only one in the world supporting latest Sigfox technologies such as 1 frame sending, using 600 bps encoding (basically enabling to send 18x times more messages per hour), supporting all the radio zones and supporting  Monarch and besides several other geolocation modes fully supporting Sigfox WiFi Atlas.

    • We introduced new packaging for our devices. It is available for white-labeling as well as our devices. Feel free to contact us for branding and packaging options and quotations.

    • We attended several Sigfox events worldwide and are actively working in supporting all the partners. We just returned from a successful Mexico’s IoT conference where we met with all of our Americas partners and customers.

    But back to the main theme.

    IoT is a revolutionary technology. But it is not primarily about technology. IoT is about new business models, new business processes, new customer approaches. 

    And both system integrators and Sigfox operators need to get deep vertical know-how, need to get proper sales process training (IoT sales is far more complicated than any sales I have seen so far) and not the last, they need to understand more how the innards of the devices work and the physics behind the different options.

    We have launched a series of webinars on those topics and we would be excited if you could share with us what more we can bring to the table to enable your sales.

    Watch here yesterday’s webinar about the main pitfalls in IoT sales and how to avoid them.

    Customer case

    SECURITAS panic & emergency button

    The security agency SECURITAS expanded its service portfolio with a mobile emergency button using our SimplePack 2.0. The button will ensure the availability of 24-hour/day assistance for seniors and people.

    DIRECT leakage & robbery prevention

    Czech insurance company Direct has launched an IoT service giving its customers an opportunity to protect their property and assets with smart solutions based on our devices, SimplePack 3.0 Plus Door and SimpleLeak 3.0. Read more about this use case here.


    There is a big progress on the Firmware side, adding more modes and more functionality especially based on the feedback from logistics and cold channel monitoring PoCs.

    CheckFox 2.0 

    The new version of the Sigfox network measurement device is now available in all Radio Zones. Make your order here. Sigfox Ready Certification for RC1 is in process and we will do other zone certifications based on substantial demand from field deployment.

    SimplePack 2.0 and 3.0 Plus

    SimplePack 2.0 RC1 is available in stock. Purchase here.

    SimplePack 3.0 Plus RC1 an RC3 received the Class 0 certification and IP68 rating. RC1 devices are in stock and ready for orders here.

    SimplePack 3.0 Plus multizone was Sigfox Ready tested at Class 0 for all the zones and it is IP68 rated too. It is restocking in a couple of weeks.

    SimplePack Plus 3.0 Monarch certification for all radio zones is coming soon too.

    We are working on IK certification and developing a barometric pressure sensor for Monarch detecting transport in the airplane and lifting of the container in ports. Currently, we switch on Monarch sniffing based on ETA.

    SimpleLeak 3.0 

    SimpleLeak 3.0 RC1 and RC3 is certified IP68 and available in stock. Make your order here.

    SimpleLeak 3.0 multizone is in production and it will be available in 2 weeks.


    Device samples will be available within 2 months. And production is planned for Q4.

    We have added a download section to our website for all the sales supporting materials. Please let us know what else you may need. We have updated the use case page with all the use cases that are immediately and easily solvable with our devices. Have a look at what all you can do!

    IoT platforms

    There is a big progress on the Firmware side, adding more modes and more functionality especially based on the feedback from logistics and cold channel monitoring PoCs.

    More and more platforms are supporting are devices and API6. We will present them in the next newsletter.

    Our demo platform now supports 12 new features among them white-labeling, personas, geofencing, PoCs evaluation, WiFi Atlas, anonymous data sharing, etc.

    IO frog fully runs using your own connectivity, can be white-labeled and supports 30 of the most popular and widespread Sigfox devices

    Happy Sigfox selling!

    With kind regards,

    Pavel Sodomka and the whole SimpleHW team