Is Monarch usable technology?
24 October, 2019 by
Is Monarch usable technology?
Natalia Vavilina


What is Monarch and when it is listening?

Monarch is a unique feature of the Sigfox network, providing IoT devices with the ability to seamlessly move and communicate across continents. So let’s imagine a lighthouse that is emitting the light every 5 minutes, but only located in ports and airports.  The device needs to listen to the lighthouse and by detecting the pattern it can switch to the proper zone. Therefore, if you miss it the device can be lost. Can it listen all the time? Each unsuccessful 5 minutes listening takes approx. 40 messages of energy.

Monarch listens:

  • If you know when it will arrive at port, you can listen after a setup time

  • If you are able to physically detect the port, so after the detection

  • If you have a precise timer you can try to listen to specified time slots

  • You can combine the methods

Our Hardware solution: SimplePack Plus 4.0 Advanced Edition

Classical SimplePack Plus options- button, LED, buzzer, accelerometer, magnetometer, light sensor, tilt measurement, impact tracking, precise temperature WiFi tracking, IP 68


Contains more memory

Can contain: Gyroscope, Barometer, Pedometer, Precise timing, external SPI interface, external thermometer, external switches
In preparation: 85°C capable version and 150° capable version

Documents that you can find useful:

Multizone devices – introducing Sigfox Monarch

Monarch support in different versions of SimplePack 4.0 Plus WiFi Tracker

So is Monarch usable technology?

Yes. But is it really “It just works. It just happens.”?

We believe Sigfox Monarch is a cool technology, which provides a lot of benefits and business opportunities. At the same time, Monarch is NOT an automatic worldwide system and needs complete Discovery and a very use-case specific approach.

Want to watch an entire webinar about the topic and download slides? Find them here.

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