WiFi animal tracking use cases
2 July, 2019 by
WiFi animal tracking use cases
Natalia Vavilina

Fridays are usually lazy days, especially in the summer. But not for us – instead of heading off to lunch, we went on a walk with Kimi the dog to try out a specific asset tracking use case of the SimplePack, our universal IoT sensor device.

Pet tracking.

But wait, the Sigfox technology is not made to be extremely precise and precision is what you need when you want track pets or animals in general, right? You are right! Just… not entirely.

Because the SimplePack also has a WiFi module that works in tandem with Sigfox. Despite its inability to upload and download any data via WiFi, it sniffs out available WiFi networks and router MAC addresses. The MACs are then sent as payload through Sigfox and processed. This means that using Google or Facebook public network mapping services to locate MAC addresses and the device, you can track anything with a precision of 3-10 meters*.

You don’t have to worry about your dog running away again as tracking it will be easier than ever. Just attach it to the collar with double-sided tape.

*Please note that this is the result we got in a major city with a lot of public networks. The results in the country will be different.

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