New ways of informing customers on delivery dates
30 August, 2022 by
New ways of informing customers on delivery dates
Simple Hardware s.r.o, Pavel Sodomka

In order to inform better our customers we are gradually introducing 3 important dates to

Quotations - Estimated dispatch after payment (in days)
Sales orders (SO) - Target date
Delivery orders (DO) - Scheduled date

The latest state is always visible in the portal. Please ask your sales representative if you need access.

Quotation stage:

As we don't know when the order will be placed we are giving indicative
Estimated dispatch after payment (in days)

It is indicative as we cannot reserve parts until the order is placed.

We strive to have dispatch time as short as possible and we are keen to be as efficient as possible in the production.
Due to the parts shortage and expansion by NEXT platform we keep in stock only critical parts.

Please talk to sales if you need to expedite the delivery. They could offer you prioritization for a small surcharge. We offer expedited delivery only in case we have high confidence that all parts are readily available. We need to order some parts with high priority and shuffle the production pipeline so we ask for an expedited fee.

Sales order stage

As the Sales order (SO) is confirmed (paid) we are giving on the Sales order document a Target date.
This is the latest date that we plan to ship. The Target date is fixed and this is the date when we know if we ship, you will be happy.

It is set:
1.  At time of sales if you have expedited delivery or the goods are in stock
2. Few days after the Sales order(SO) has been confirmed/paid in case you have standard delivery.  You get an email once the Target date is set up.

You can check on the Target date anytime in your Portal at the appropriate Sales order

We know the timing of the parts and shipment but any third party delays or shipping delays or equipment malfunction can influence the actual delivery. We have a small reserve on the date, so most of the time dispatch will be before the Target date.

Delivery order stage

Once the Sales order (SO) is confirmed/paid a Delivery order (DO) is automatically created

You can see Delivery order (DO) in your Portal directly at Sales order and in the Delivery orders section
A Sales order (SO) can have multiple Delivery orders (DO)

On the Delivery order (DO) a Scheduled date is given that is regularly updated that shows the current planned dispatch date.
You automatically get an email on any Scheduled date change and you can check on the latest Scheduled date anytime in your Portal. Most of the time Scheduled date will be earlier than the Target date. In case it is scheduled for later we will contact you with more detailed information.

Please contact us at [email protected] it you have any questions or improvement suggestions.