Welcome, SimpleLeak 3.0!
22 July, 2019 by
Welcome, SimpleLeak 3.0!
Natalia Vavilina

No tears, we simply detect any leak - Sigfox Ready Certified!

Dear SimpleHW and Sigfox enthusiasts,

We are happy to inform you that we successfully passed the Sigfox Ready certification for our water leakage detector – The SimpleLeak 3.0 for RC1 and RC3!

SimpleLeak 3.0 is a small, simple, nicely designed water leak & flood sensor with reliable functions and large battery capacity. The best device for your insurance case and facility management.


  • Reliable with no false alarms

  • Solid gold plated contacts

  • Cool, small, clever design

  • Waterproof IP67 and sending while floating

  • Lasting over 10 years

  • Loud alarm buzzer

  • Movement or flip warning (accelerometer inside)

  • End of leak detection and reporting

  • Temperature threshold alarms (anti freeze, overheat)

  • Incredible radio performance

RC1 Sigfox Ready End Product Certificate Number: P_00B1_2306_01

Sigfox Ready End Product Certificate Number: P_00B1_5494_01

Check out the product on the Sigfox Partner Network page or in our e-shop and order today.