Manhole cover monitoring
15 July, 2019 by
Manhole cover monitoring
Natalia Vavilina

According to statistics, each year, an estimated 2,000 manhole events occur across North America due to aging electrical or other infrastructure. That’s 5.5 events per day. An unauthorized opening of the manhole is extremely dangerous and can occur numerous accidents to people and public properties. In order to prevent or at least reduce the damage, you need to constantly monitor the condition of the manhole cover and its openings and usage in general.

Our solution: Manhole cover monitoring with the SimplePack

We don’t produce just a button, it can track, report temperature, and… monitor (and more).

SimplePack is a universal device that can combine various sensors and be programmed according to your IoT project. How can the SimplePack be helpful with Manhole cover monitoring? Here is what we can do:

  • Monitor and report unauthorized openings and access to manholes, cable chambers, sewers, pipe holes, etc.

  • Get quickly notified about any type of interaction with the manhole cover

  • Monitor proper maintenance service

  • Protect against metal theft and vandalism

How does it work? 

See the detailed YouTube tutorial, which will explain to you how does it work.

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