SimpleHW materials


      SimplePack 4.0
      SimplePack 4.0 plus

      Sales support documentations

      Sales qualification, discovery and validation guidelines

      Qualification BANT

      General BANT Qualification, Discovery and Solution validation/PoC checklist

      Rev 1.04.19

      5 minutes intro to Sigfox

      A basic introduction to the Sigfox

      Devices Overview

      Devices overview. Device overview 2020-05 - WEB.pdf

      Logistics checklist

      Logistics Discovery and PoC checklist

      Rev 1.04.19

      Use cases documentation

      Learn about all the use cases that you can solve with SimpleHW devices.

      Use cases overview

      Overview of 50+ Use Cases

      Use Case Datasheet 2020-05 -WEB

      Sensors Datasheets

      Learn more technical insights about sensors that we use for our devices.

      Company Logo

      Download .PNG or .AI formats here