SimpleLeak is a small, nicely designed Sigfox water leakage, freeze and high-temperature detector with reliable functions and large battery capacity.
The best device for your insurance case and facility management.
25 000 message equivalents

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  • 3D Accelerometer (motion,vibration, tilt, schock)

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3D Accelerometer (motion,vibration, tilt, schock): Yes

No more tears,
We simply detect any leak!

SimpleLeak is a nicely designed Sigfox-based water leak, freeze and overheat sensor with 10 years battery life that helps you prevent any further extensive damages. 

  •  Water leakage detection
  •  Accelerometer sensor - vibration / movement / overturn detection (flip warning)
  •  Temperature threshold alarms (antifreeze and overheat protection)
  •  30 000 messages
  •  Incredible radio performance
  •  Reliable with no false alarms
  •  Loud buzzer
  •  Easy setup (recommended with IO platform)

Do you want to see how the device works? Here is a short video to learn more.

Read a customer story here


Use Cases

Use anywhere you can expect leaks, floods, and low/high-temperature risks. 

  • Home and company water leakage detection - bathrooms, basements, storages

  • Industrial use - pipe leak detection

  • Freeze alert

  • Extremely high room temperature alert

  • Fire alert

The device automatically sends heartbeat messages every 24 hours so you can easily check that the device is functioning. 

IoT Platform

The most advanced Sigfox platform IO available for your use (20 days free trial) 

Support of tens of other IoT platforms.