In office chairs we trust! | SimpleHW newsletter No.2
23 October, 2018 by
In office chairs we trust! | SimpleHW newsletter No.2
Natalia Vavilina

As you probably know, we are not so much crazy about tracking as the rest of Sigfox. There are only 17 millions of containers in the world and 50 millions of trolleys. At the same time, there are 400 000 000 office chairs in the world. And, of course, every manager loves to see its utilization. Thereafter, office chair monitoring is a great solution for you. Plus you can get real-life savings from energy management and hot desking.​

Read the full use case here and the live demo dashboard here.
You can purchase SimplePack Office Chair and SimplePack Meeting room chair here and start selling to your big corp customers.

In case the tracking of containers and trolleys and pallets would still pick up, we are proud to introduce the smallest and cheapest WiFi tracker: SimplePack Plus 3.0

We have added:

  • light sensor

  • buzzer

  • reed contact

  • precise thermometer

  • magnetometer (compass) for single-piece door/window opening detection.

Furthermore, waterproof, 10 years of battery typical lifetime and 30 000 messages. Class 0 antenna designed by Sigfox IoT Agency. Besides, we are throwing in 50 real-life business use cases, for which you get business cases, IoT platform, and dashboards.

Power of Water Leakage Detector

Despite all of this, the product we believe in the strongest is SimpleLeak.

  • In an independent survey, 88% of people stated that water security and avoiding water damages in their house/flat are very important to them.

  • Average damage costs are 2 300 Euros and on average 39% don’t get reimbursed.

  • Water leakage is certainly the biggest insurance risk for insurance companies.

  • 54% of people have already experienced water damage in their homes.

  • Insurance companies enjoy steady growth and high profitability worldwide

  • InsurTech is considered a major opportunity for insurance companies both for new customer acquisition and current customer retention.

We are preparing a special presentation and detailed business cases from the 6 insurers that currently deploy simpleLeak with their customer base.

Order SimpleLeak now and start selling the easy use case that scales to all insured households and companies nationwide.

See you at our stand among Global Stars at Sigfox Connect Berlin.

Collect your ordered SimplePacks and SimpleLeaks at our stand too.

Best wishes

Simple Hardware team