Why IoT is so important for insurance companies?
9 July, 2019 by
Why IoT is so important for insurance companies?
Natalia Vavilina


We see insurance as one of the verticals with tones of opportunities. Therefore, in this blog post, we want to highlight the importance of IoT for Insurance companies and give you our customer case example.

The unique position of Insurance companies:

  • Insurance owns a large clients base

  • Insurance has money

  • Insurance companies need to differentiate (esp. as online only and P2P insurance is coming)

  • They need to diversify their incomes and leverage their customer billing relationship

  • They need stories/content/PR

How many insurance companies can you count in your country? One of our customer stories in insurance vertical is Direct, a medium-size Czech insurance company. Plus, they have over 300 000 clients and use SimplePack Door for movement detection and SimpleLeak for water leakage detection. The project has been in preparation for 12 months. Direct has developed their own online application and now distributing through the biggest CEE online shop and through agent network. Read more about Direct customer case here.

In insurance we trust and WHY it is IDEAL for Sigfox?

Here we suggest SWOT analysis which will help you to figure out strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Get more information from our webinar related to this topic. You can watch the webinar here and see the slides.

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