New website and e-shop
15 April, 2020 by
New website and e-shop
Natalia Vavilina

We at Simple Hardware not only strive to supply the best of the breed devices but we aim to deliver them in state of the art ways.

It has already been 2 years since we launched an e-shop. Originally we were using Magento for an e-shop, Vtiger for CRM, UserEcho for support and added Drift for online chat. 

The customer information was dispersed in 4 different databases and with 800 customers and hundreds of orders from all over the world the situation became unmanageable.

Last year we decided to move to just 2 platforms and migrate to HubSpot for CRM / Marketing / Support / Chat and Shopify for e-commerce. After months of preparation, we migrated in the summer of 2019.

Everything worked fine until we realized that with the increased volumes our internal ordering and stock keeping processes could not handle the volume and timing requirements. And we need regular stock keeping software with manufacturing and ordering workflow. Plus the integration of the two platforms was as perfect as we wanted to and we were hitting some limits of the systems.

After lengthy evaluation and discussion, we decided to implement a full-featured ERP system that would integrate everything. We opted for Belgian open-source system Odoo, that provides all the functionality that we need now and in the future.

At the first phase, we have migrated the whole web and e-shop to Odoo. This week we are migrating Helpdesk and Chat. Gradually we will migrate CRM, inventory, production and knowledge base.

For you as customers, this brings advantages and disadvantages. 

Let's begin with the disadvantages.

As it would be very difficult to migrate all your past orders and tickets to the new system, they will be kept available at and until the summer. For new purchases, you will need to register anew.

Now advantages.

  • Multiple ways to select and sort products

  • All stock information is in real-time, you can preorder any products and you can get notified when the products are back in stock. We will also add timing estimates.

  • Under your account, you can find all orders, all invoices, and all tickets.

  • The handling of shipping rates and shipment is automated due to FedEx integration. All shipping and tracking codes are provided to you in real-time.

  • In the very near future, handling of serial numbers will be handled by the system and you will see directly which serial numbers are part of your order.

Please let us know how you enjoy the new website and e-shop and what are the ways in which we could assist you better.