SimpleHW product launch: 5 brand-new devices announced
18 November, 2019 by
SimpleHW product launch: 5 brand-new devices announced
Natalia Vavilina

We are proud to announce 5 new products being launched last Thursday. Check out the recording here and slides here.

              Sigfox embedded solution

              Meet Simplepack Embedded

              Smallest hardware platform to embed into your existing solutions
              Leveraging existing 60 modes and support of API6
              2 external switches or analog sources or SPI
              (e.g. temperature, microswitch, reed contact)

                  Meet Simple Pack 3.0 Plus Advanced Edition

                  More memory in MCU for future modes support and over-the-air local firmware/configuration updates
                  External crystal for lower battery consumption and precise time
                  Barometer support for MonarchGyroscope with pedometer supportMEMS with machine learning and AI support
                  Up to 255 recorded MAC addresses for WiFi Precise modes (2m precision)
                  SimplePack device
                      SimpleMeter device

                      Meet SimpleMeter

                      Flexible temperature and humidity meter with 100 000 Sigfox messages in the designed enclosure.

                      100 000 messages/10 year battery life

                      Support of temperature logging/recording for areas without Sigfox coverage 16dB EIRP power in RC1, RC3, Class 0 in RC2 and RC4

                      Highly customizable and configurable through API6

                      Modern design fitting both residential and commercial interiors

                      Broad operating temperature -40° to 85°C

                      Meet SimpleIndustry

                      Unique super strong polycarbonate IP68 casing with 4 fixture possibilities:  

                      • Industrial 3M UVB double-sided tape with 300kg strength

                      • Horizontal screws

                      • Vertical screws

                      • Magnetic fixture

                      • 100 000 Sigfox messages

                      • All the SimplePack Plus modes and sensors support

                      • Temperature range from -40°C to 85°C

                      SimpleIndustry device