Top 8 use cases for Christmas for SimplePack
18 December, 2019 by
Top 8 use cases for Christmas for SimplePack
Natalia Vavilina

The Holidays are just around the corner. If you want the festive season to be just great, check out the top 8 Christmas use cases with SimplePack that can make your life easier! 

1. Watch out! Fire!

Despite the winter season and cold, Christmas is a very warm time of the year. People get together, put up a Christmas tree, light up candles, sit by the fireplace, decorate homes and offices. 

ALTHOUGH! On average, 260 home fires begin with Christmas trees each year, resulting in 12 deaths, 24 injuries and $16.4 million in property damage.

Want to make sure you will be notified about steep temperature changes? The SimplePack Temperature will be at your best service. 

2. Track the location of your reindeer.

If you haven’t got a reindeer, it is not a problem at all! We recommend trying tracing your dog instead. Attach the SimplePack WiFi Tracker device to the collar with double-sided tape and always know the location of your pet. 


3. Know when your Christmas tree is about to fall over!

SimplePack can easily report a change in the tilt of a Christmas tree. Attach the device to the star on top of the tree and get notified when the tilt changes!

The use case is similar to pole inclination, learn more here

4. Is your mulled wine at the correct temperature?

Monitor your fridge with Simple Pack 3.0 Plus Full and make sure your Christmas meal won’t go bad. See the testing we’ve done here.

5. Make sure your water pipes won’t freeze and burst. 

When it gets especially cold, it is time to take care of the water pipes at your household. The reason why water pipes can burst is that the water inside them expands as the water freezes, which causes an increase of pressure. As soon as the pressure gets too high, the pipe ruptures. Luckily, we have a solution, SimplePack 3.0 Full or Temp version! Check out our latest testing and see the results.

6. Christmas holidays abroad? Watch out for your luggage!

Going abroad for the holiday season and want to track your luggage, so you never lose it? 

Place the SimplePack device into your luggage. The accelerometer will monitor movement, when your luggage is in transit and when the movement stops. You can use this to make sure your luggage arrives with you and use the data to help you find your luggage is lost in transit. Check more about geolocation possibilities here.

7. Out of office! 

During the holidays, the office space needs to be secured and safe. Did you switch the lights off?  Did you lower the heating? Is somebody in the office when everyone else is eating their Christmas dinner! SimplePack 2.0 gives you an opportunity to monitor your office facilities and assets. 

Read more about office chair monitoring here

8. Elderly care with an emergency button

Worried about your beloved elder family members, who are not feeling well to join you for the Christmas festivities? Provide them with an emergency SimplePack button, in case they would need help or assistance.

Our customer Securitas offers the Mobile Emergency Button solution as a service. Check out more here