Why do we all need to use CheckFox?
23 July, 2019 by
Why do we all need to use CheckFox?
Natalia Vavilina

It is fair to notice that we are selling the device not for the profit but in order to support the Sigfox community and operators and integrators, help them to measure the coverage. Why do we all need to use CheckFox and what’s so special about it? Let’s try to figure it out step by step.

Long story short, CheckFox is a universal coverage measurement device. More technical details here. At the same time, we consider CheckFox as the most complicated Sigfox device in the market. It consists of two parts: the hardware and the dashboard.

CheckFox Hardware

  • So what is inside the CheckFox?

  • GPS module for precise position

  • GSM module for data transmission

  • Memory for data logging

  • WiFi module for collecting MAC addresses, which is used either for position fixing of the device or comparison between Sigfox Atlas, Sigfox Atlas WiFi, Google geolocation public network services and others

  • Over the air upgradable firmware

There are three main usage scenarios for the device:

1. Sigfox operators need to compare real coverage with a predicted model

2. Sigfox integrators need to measure coverage before starting PoC

3. Field workers need to measure coverage before starting field device installation

CheckFox dashboard

Please, find the dashboard with the following link.

3 ways how to work with the collected data and proceed it:

  • API (find more described in the documentation)

  • Dashboard and CSV and XLS exports

  • Dashboard and dashboard visualizations

There are six functions of the dashboard, which is (1) device setup, (2) user management and rights setup, (3) data listing, (4) data exports, (5) data visualization, and (6) data comparison.

Do you want to learn more about measurement methodology? What to do before the measurement? See how the dashboard works and looks like in more detail? Check out the webinar’s slides and the recording.

Plus, more information about an updated version and its features of CheckFox 2.0 you can learn here.

*All the documentation is available at ask.simplehw.eu

Best wishes

Simple Hardware Team