& SimplePack

The smallest most versatile Sigfox devices equipped with multi sensors supporting 50 different use cases from B2C to B2B across the logistics, security & insurance, facility management, retail, health and industry 4.0 sectors.

  • 30 000 Sigfox messages
  • 10 years battery life
  • Incredible price / performance ratio
  • IP68 rating 
  • All radio zones support
  • Multizone - switchable
  • Different sensor variants (accelerometer, button, WiFi sniffing, reed switch, magnetometer, precise temperature, light sensor) available to meet your IoT project needs 
  • Advanced version with smart sensors supporting machine learning and pattern mapping - contact us with your inquiry
SimplePack device graphics
NEXTPack Door+Magnet
Detects opening, tampering, magnet rotation on a wheel. Report on event, periodically or on count.
Button, Ultra sensitive magnetic switch for convenient small magnet or big gap installations.
Comes with an ultra-strong neodymium self-adhesive 30x10x2mm magnet.
25 000 message equivalents
38.96 38.96 USD
NEXTPack Door+Magnet+Motion/Tilt
Multi-sensor Sigfox device for your IoT project. Detects orientation, tilt, vibration changes.
Button, Accelerometer, Magnetic switch sensor
Comes with ultra-strong neodymium self-adhesive 30x10x2mm magnet.
25 000 message equivalents
42.12 42.12 USD
NEXTPack Light sensor
Light detection sensor
47.39 47.39 USD
NEXTPack Button
Simple LoRa and Sigfox IoT device.
Button and LED light.
27 000 message equivalents
31.59 31.59 USD
SimplePack 4.0 Plus WiFi Tracker
Ultra small high precision Sigfox tracking device.
Button, Accelerometer, WiFi sniffing.
Highly configurable.
25 000 message equivalents
35.80 35.800000000000004 USD