Securitas: Mobile emergency button with SimplePack
3 May, 2019 by
Securitas: Mobile emergency button with SimplePack
Natalia Vavilina

The security agency SECURITAS has chosen our hardware solution to expand its portfolio with a mobile emergency button. The button will ensure the availability of assistance 24 hours a day throughout the Czech Republic. It does not require any battery charge or complex configuration. The button is connected to the modern SECURITAS Emergency Services Center, whose operators initiate immediately the agreed intervention plan upon receiving the signal. The service is designed mainly for seniors or people who are not coming out of the apartment for a long time.

The SECURITAS mobile emergency button is designed to protect against crime and health risks, which are particularly vulnerable to lonely people. Furthermore, the button itself fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just 17 grams. It is comfortable to wear and does not restrict the person in question. It can be hung on the neck and inserted into the waterproof cover – making it really handy in any situation. Long battery life (up to ten years) eliminates annoying recharging. In addition, it increases the usefulness of a device that is functional at all times.

The dispatchers’ progress can be adapted to the individual needs of each button owner – be it a senior who lives alone, a sick or handicapped person, or anyone else who feels somehow indifferent. The scenario variations can also be divided by the way the button is pressed. You can choose from a long press, a short press or a double click.

Simple Hardware helps insurance companies to embrace their potential and assist thousands of customers all over the world. Our hardware devices are considered as cheap, reliable, long-lasting, easy-to-install and integrate. Proudly powered by Sigfox

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