In IoT Lego boxes we trust
12 July, 2019 by
In IoT Lego boxes we trust
Natalia Vavilina


* The LEGO trademark is used here only for educational and parable purposes and the presentation is not sponsored or authorized by the LEGO Group.

So let’s see what is so fascinating about LEGO and why do we like it so much?

  • Contains very nice pictures of the final creation

  • Gives you the flexibility to be creative and replace parts on your own will

  • Comes with predefined pieces

  • Comes with presorted pieces in plastic bags

  • Comes with detailed step-by-step instructions

  • Can be completed in a matter of an hour

Why LEGO? We think it is a good parable to how we are trying to do IoT and sell Sigfox. Currently, most of the System Operators, including us, not selling LEGO boxes, but selling raw materials that IoT project consists of.

What do we know about the current situation? There is a traditional Sigfox model, where integrators have several things they have to do. For example, they are required to сomprehend Sigfox, coverage, backend, pricing, do Discovery with the End-customer, find the Business case, platform, and hardware, integrate customer, define POC, etc. In the improved Sigfox model, integrators get more help from Sigfox and their partner’s webpage. In fact, while choosing, for instance, a device they cannot truly rely on the reviews, relevant rating or verified data.

At first, developing an end-to-end solution seems like the best way to go. Besides, it looks nice and can be sold quickly. Although it is hard to implement because later on, it starts to get complicated if a solution needs to be tweaked, hardware, or platform changed.

Therefore, all the pressure falls into the hands of system integrators, so we believe with the concept of LEGO boxes we can help the processes to improve.

Lego boxes

We think that the best approach will be LEGO boxes based on the use case. It is a concept, where you have a real box, which contains the whole picture of an end solution. What else?

  • Use case

  • Business case incl. ROI and TCO calculations

  • System integrator facing brandable presentation

  • End-user facing brandable presentation

  • Discovery checklist

  • All the preconfigured HW with connectivity

  • All the pre-configured IoT platform

  • Optional pre-configured mobile phone

  • Detailed step by step instructions with demo scripts

  • End-user instructions

  • Optional “PoC in a box”

Take a look at the LEGO box we created for Insurance vertical. It consists of:

  • All sales support materials

  • SimplePack

  • SimpleLeak

  • Dish for presentations

  • Bottle for water

  • Preconfigured mobile phone with global SIM card

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