Engine malfunction monitoring
27 March, 2019 by
Engine malfunction monitoring
Natalia Vavilina

Now non-standard behavior monitoring of industrial or any other engines is possible. The SimplePack will help you to detect vibration with its accelerometer and report it in regular events.

The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted in order to detect vibration that is over a certain threshold. Normal vibration would not be reported but a heavier vibration (imagine a washing machine in its most ferocious cycle) would be sent to you. The way the “Monitor me” mode works will allow you to create timelines of normal and abnormal engine behavior. Therefore, you can find the malfunction pattern more easily.

We have tested this with a smaller electrical engine in our office. By trial and error, we found the sweet spot of accelerometer sensitivity settings that would not pick the standard vibration. Then we tried off-centering the rotating inside of the engine, which made the vibrationless predictable and also noticeably rougher.

From the data report, we were able to construct a precise timeline of when vibration was normal (no adjustment was done to the inside mechanism) and when not (off-centered).

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