Freezing conditions of SimplePack
4 July, 2019 by
Freezing conditions of SimplePack
Natalia Vavilina

“We don’t do functionality testing, but environment testing as well”

You have probably heard about the endless possibilities of our devices with the help of various physical sensors. Every week we are trying to demonstrate use cases and explain them in real-life examples. 

Cold chain monitoring is an extremely demanding solution for logistics among many businesses. The goal is to track the perishable products, eatables, and food items with assured freshness and palatability. The temperature sensor plays a major part in delivering this solution to the marker and here we are, to tell you how and why we do it.

SimplePack survives freezing conditions and transmits reliably from the freezer. How does it practically work? Since we put SimplePack into the -18C freezer a few weeks ago, it has sent out 25 000 messages so far with precise temperature. The battery starts at 3V and currently is at 2,5V, therefore we expect the device to send at least 35 000 messages during its lifetime in these conditions. At -40°we expect to reach 15 000 measurements (messages). At the same time, the signal is being captured by 15 base stations around the city without any messages missing.

Why and for whom can it be useful? We can make the world a better place by improving public health and safety standards, preventing food waste, and helping businesses to follow regulations.

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