SimpleIndustry WiFi Tracker
Smart and durable IoT tracker with IP68 rated super strong polycarbonate casing and several fixture possibilities. WiFi localization, Accelerometer
49.14 49.14 USD
NEXTPack Tracker with WiFi localisation
Multipurpose Sigfox IoT device with accelerometer and button sensor.
Detects movement, orientation change, tilt, shock, vibration and button press.
Button, Accelerometer
25 000 message equivalents
41.07 41.07 USD
27.38 27.38 USD
NEXTPack Light sensor
Light detection sensor
47.39 47.39 USD
NEXTPack Small Button
Simple LoRa and Sigfox IoT device.
Button and LED light.
10 000 message equivalents
29.48 29.48 USD
SimpleIndustry Precise Temperature
Smart and durable device with external on case temperature sensor.
49.14 49.14 USD
NEXTPack Button
Simple LoRa and Sigfox IoT device.
Button and LED light.
27 000 message equivalents
31.59 31.59 USD
SimplePack 4.0 Plus WiFi Tracker
Ultra small high precision Sigfox tracking device.
Button, Accelerometer, WiFi sniffing.
Highly configurable.
25 000 message equivalents
35.80 35.800000000000004 USD
Removable industrial double-sided tape 45x18mm
Excellent double sided tape for all surfaces where the device needs to be removed after some time (doors, furniture, etc.). Please clean the surface before applying.
1.40 1.4000000000000001 USD
NEXTSlim Motion/Tilt/Track
The thinnest LoRa and Sigfox tracker
29.48 29.48 USD
Non-removable industrial permanent double-sided tape 25x75mm
Excellent permanent double sided tape.
Please clean the surface before applying and let it increase strength for 24hours before trying to remove .
For removal use a lever or cut off using thin wire.
1.40 1.4000000000000001 USD
Warranty extension
7% on the price per additional year above standard one year of warranty
0.00 0.0 USD
Extended premium setup and configuration technical support
Via a support ticket, email or a call a we go through your expectations of the device behavior.
Based on these expectations, we suggest the best possible device settings and configuration.
We can also explain any questions pertaining to documentation.
Roughly equivalent to 1 man hour.
105.30 105.3 USD
Project management and consulting
Man Day rate of senior level project management and consulting
737.10 737.1 USD
Ultra strong neodymium magnet in a SimplePack Plus case with double-sided permanent tape for hall probe
For reed switch/dry contact. Can be fixed with industrial double sided tape
2.81 2.81 USD
Custom UV print branding - project processing fee
UV print project processing. Test samples provided.
To be combined with the per unit fee.
210.60 210.6 USD
SimpleIndustry Temperature Cable Probes
Smart and durable temperature meter with up two temp sensors on cable probes.
Variant cable types, tips and lengths available at different price points.
57.92 57.92 USD
Custom UV print branding - per unit fee
Custom UV print of your logo / image / icon.
To be combined with the project fee.
1.05 1.05 USD
SimpleIndustry Legionella Flow Detection
Specific device with unique firmware counting water flows based on temperature change of pipe sensor for Legionella monitoring.
63.18 63.18 USD